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One of the UK’s leading tabloid newspaper columnists, Richard Littlejohn, has denied he has close links to a sinister organisation which regularly distributes photographs of half-naked children around a network of its perverted sick supporters.

Pride’s Purge has uncovered evidence that the organisation – known as DMGT – regularly publishes disgusting images of under-age children alongside commentary full of vile sexual innuendo.

Mr Littlejohn is a regular contributor to the sick and depraved publications.

The images distributed by the DMGT network  – some of which can be see here  – include children as young as 12 years old who are often described as “flirty“, “skimpy” and “sultry“.

The organisation also regularly distributes photographs of half-dressed children under titles such as “teen bikini queens” Too young?” and “tiny wetsuit”

In a statement, police said they are doing everything they can not to look too closely into the allegations because the DMTG network is run by a very, very rich Viscount who has a lot of friends in very, very high places.


In the UK,  images of scantily dressed girls under 18 (or who look under 18) are classed as level 1 child pornography. The distribution or possession of such images can result in prison sentences.


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