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(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail)

Like many people, I’m absolutely shocked and saddened by the tragic news of the death by possible suicide of one of the members of staff who was duped by two Australian DJs into giving private details about Kate Middleton while she was staying at the King Edward VII Hospital.

No reasonable person would even think about placing any of the blame for what happened on the medical staff – clearly if anyone was to blame it was the Australian DJs for pulling such as stupid stunt.

Or maybe all of us are to blame for allowing such a story like the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy to roller-coaster out of control to the point of obsession.

As I said, no reasonable person would think about blaming the medical staff for the unfortunate – but minor – breach of confidentiality.

However – unfortunately – not everyone in the UK is reasonable.

Just one day after the unfortunate event – the Daily Mail ran an article placing the blame for the event on the hospital and its staff.

Here’s the Daily Mail article – read it if you can stomach it:

How could they fall for this hoax? Hospital gives Kate’s private details to Aussie DJ who was impersonating Queen

To save you having to wade through such stomach-churning nonsense – here are a few relevant quotes from the article:

It’s shocking – where were the checks?


In an astonishing breach of royal security, an unsuspecting nurse told the pair that …….


William and Kate’s private staff are furious and have expressed ‘deep concern’ that the Duchess’s privacy could be compromised in this way.


It simply beggars belief that a member of the public could call up and obtain details of the Duchess’s medical condition in this way.


This is a shocking breach of security


Where on earth were the checks and balances?


There will be fireworks over this, for sure.


Now the Daily Mail can see the possible consequences of yet more examples of its casual and irresponsible blaming of innocent people, can we expect an apology from it?

Let’s not hold our breath, shall we?


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