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There was shock and anger yesterday after government figures revealed a shocking 100% of asylum seekers are not from Britain – with official statistics showing that the vast majority of people coming to the UK seeking asylum are foreign and do not even possess a British passport.

Daily Mail reporters have uncovered a raft of shocking statistics, which reveal the extent of the decline the UK has seen in recent years.

Some other shameful figures revealed by Daily Mail reporters include:

  • Benefits claimants are now significantly more likely than non-benefits claimants to claim benefits
  • The vast majority of people who claim to be unemployed in the UK do not have a job
  • Children of single parents are much more likely than children living with both parents to be brought up in a one-parent family
  • Terminally ill patients in the NHS are now routinely expected to die of their illnesses
  • Nearly all people who claim to be from countries outside the UK are foreign
  • Under the previous Labour administration as many as 100% of cancer patients were expected to suffer from a cancer-related illness

The shocking statistics come after an interview by the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, in which he said the gas attack which killed hundreds of civilians in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus was most likely the work of “foreigners – probably dark-skinned ones” and that the chance of the perpetrators being members of the Conservative Party were “vanishingly small”.


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