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A company supplying stewards for the river pageant on Sunday has issued a statement saying it ‘sincerely apologises’ for failing to cover-up the fact that some of their unpaid staff had been expected to camp under London Bridge the night before the event.

The firm, Close Protection UK, also said it unreservedly regrets that it was found out it was treating its unpaid volunteers – who did the job as part of a government work experience scheme – no better than unwanted dogs.

Managing Director of CPUK, Molly Prince, told BBC Radio 4’s The World At One:

Not being able to continue to hoodwink everyone into thinking we are more than just a bunch of cowboys is something that we felt was poor planning, and we are really upset about it. We pride ourselves on pretending we take care of the people who work with us very seriously and it’s just not acceptable that it has been revealed that in actual fact we just couldn’t give a toss about them.

A spokesperson for Downing Street however brushed off the controversy by saying it was a “one off” and an “isolated incident” that the press discovered what was going on and the Prime Minister was “confident” that in future such “unfortunate situations” could be avoided by successfully sweeping the truth under the carpet with a massive campaign of benefit scrounger stories in the tabloid press.


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