Argentina has complained that Britain’s plans to send Prince William on active duty to the Falkland Islands is ‘a provocative act’. As the Latin American country’s foreign minister explained:

The decision to send such a photogenic and good-looking serviceman like Prince William to the Malvinas is already inflaming passions here in Argentina. The sight of him in provocative attire such as a tight airsuit is bound to agitate and arouse many Argentinians in what has been till now a relatively calm situation.

The British Foreign secretary William Hague commenting on the Argentian reaction, said:

We’re not surprised the Argentinians are getting all worked up when they think of Prince William on active duty. I know I do. But while I understand how the Duke of Cambridge’s posting can whip up and arouse passions, I personally reserve the right to deploy him in any position I see fit, even if it means friction in some unexpected places.

A spokesperson for the RAF said the Prince will spend a large part of his time in the Falklands posing regularly in front of Sea King helicopters and will sometimes be required to take part in potentially dangerous missions involving him being squeezed into the ‘tightest uniforms we can put him in’ .


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