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The Queen has made a stand against the human rights abuses of some of the world’s worst unelected dictators by personally inviting them to join her for a champagne lunch at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II was praised by human rights groups after she made the unprecedented move to underline her opposition to some of the world’s most oppressive regimes and she offered their leaders a particularly critical Windsor Lamb with braised potatoes, served with artichokes and peas.

During the exclusive meal the British monarch did not hold back on her criticisms of the brutal dictators, which included the King of Bahrain, whose regime is accused of a catalogue of human rights abuses, after she blasted the despots’ inhumane actions with a series of stinging delicacies such as tartlet of poached egg with English asparagus and a harshly critical vanilla Charlotte with strawberries.

She also personally expressed her dismay at their human right’s records by individually and pointedly shaking the hands of every guest and joking with them as they arrived at the castle in a convoy of black chauffeur-driven cars.

Human Right’s Watch issued a statement praising the Queen’s stance against tyranny:

We are very happy the Queen has finally clearly showed without any ambiguity what she thinks about human rights abuses around the world.

A spokesperson for King Mswati of Swaziland, who Human Rights Watch says lives in opulent luxury while his 1.2 million subjects live in poverty, said:

After seeing how your Queen deals with human suffering in the UK, the King is prepared to improve the human rights records in Swaziland by regularly eating more Welsh lamb and will be looking into whether abuses of civil liberties can be better addressed by eating more strawberry tarts.


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