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In a frank interview, David Cameron’s back has told the BBC it is suffering from severe problems with having to constantly support a “phenomenally bad Prime Minister“.

In the interview – which was recorded several days ago on the Scottish island of Jura where the Cameron family has been on holiday – Mr Cameron’s spine said it was unhappy at being expected to be perpetually behind the PM no matter how rubbish he clearly was at running the country.

And in a tweet, Mr Cameron’s backbone later revealed that the prime minister could have chosen to have had an injection of competence last week but decided instead he would wait to see if his painful fecklessness eased naturally.

Mr Cameron’s back has been holidaying in the inner Hebrides with the Prime Minister’s bottom and neck – both of which have been confirmed as sources of great pain for the vast majority of people in the UK. 

The revelations about Mr Cameron’s back problems come not long after the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, was told by doctors he is in urgent need of a spine transplant after ultrasound scans revealed he hasn’t got one.


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