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(not satire – it’s David Cameron!)

Apparently, after paying out nearly half a billion quid (so far) to various dodgy people like Emma Harrison from A4e to find unemployed people jobs which don’t exist – the companies only succeeded in 3,5% of cases. And most of those were probably people who found the work themselves anyway.

This comes after other scandals where the government has paid out huge amounts of taxpayers money to other dodgy people at the head of other dodgy private firms to either do very little – or completely f**k up what they were paid to do – so the government has to step in and clean up the mess they created in the first place with even more taxpayers’ money.

I’m talking about cases like these:

Meet ALS – the new G4S (or how Delboy hoodwinked ministers out of £300m)

Emma Harrison: “Heartless taxpayers bullied me into paying myself £8.6m of their money”

G4S Boss Nick Buckles Admits His Mullet Is `Humiliating Shambles’

Not satire – prisoner escaped curfew after G4S mistakenly tagged his false leg!

NHS cancer research is being privatised. In case anyone’s interested.

Did you know the government is subsidising McDonald’s with taxpayers money – your money?

Could this be the coalition government’s biggest cock-up yet?


Anyway, at least we finally know now what David Cameron meant by his ‘Big Society’.

TOFFS paying SPIVS to rip off PLEBS.


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