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(satire? not all that sure any more)

There was shock in the ranks of Greek neo-nazi political organisation Golden Dawn today after research revealed most Greeks are actually quite dark-skinned and very few have blond hair.

The shocking research also revealed that not many Greeks have blue eyes either.

The revelations come not long after attempts by Golden Dawn to forge closer links with German neo-nazi groups ended in failure due to disagreements over which of them were actually the real foreigners.

A spokesperson for the UK far-right British National Party explained the reasons for the disagreement in the ranks of fellow nationalists:

Don’t really understand the problem. Obviously both the Germans and the Greeks are foreigners because they’re not British, are they?

                                                     he said.


I find it strange how there are still arguments about whether Golden Dawn are really neo-nazis or not. They describe themselves as the Social Nationalist Movement of the Golden Dawn, they have a flag which looks like a swastika, their website includes instructions on how to give a Nazi salute and they want to kill all foreigners, Jews, homosexuals and leftists.

Pretty conclusive I would have thought, don’t you?

If you want to let Golden Dawn know what you think of them (providing you can stomach all the batshit-loony far-right propaganda you have to wade through) you can tell them on their English language website here:

Golden Dawn – International Newsroom


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