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(no it’s not satire – it’s UKIP!)

UKIP are desperately trying to win the PR battle over their sacked youth leader Olly Neville by smearing the 21-year-old student with claims he supports bestiality and necrophilia.

Mr Neville was unceremoniously dumped by UKIP as their youth section spokesman a couple of days ago after he expressed support for gay marriage – a position which is clearly against the so-called libertarian party’s remarkably un-libertarian official position of thinking politicians should have the right to decide who people can and cannot get married to.

Sensing a PR disaster in the making, UKIP decided to muster the support of one of their most skilled PR masterminds – erm …. that would be Guido Fawkes – who dutifully accused Mr Neville of being a keen supporter of UK citizen’s right to have sex with animals and dead people.

Mind you, Mr Neville didn’t reply when I asked him in a tweet about the accusations – so he’s not exactly denying them.

Don’t know about you – but I can’t see smearing a young man with disgusting things like that winning UKIP many votes.

Can you?


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