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Pride’s Purge can exclusively reveal that SENIOR members of the BBC’s management were aware as early as 1973 that their star DJ Jimmy Savile was from Yorkshire.

Documents seen by Pride’s Purge can exclusively reveal leading members of the establishment –  including former prime ministers and senior members of the Royal family – were made aware of Savile’s possible northerness despite reservations being expressed by senior civil servants time and time again about his accent.

Critics say that instead of ordering an investigation, senior BBC executives decided to “turn a blind eye” to the allegations insisting it could find “no record” of him fancying pigeons, wearing a flat cap or owning a whippet while he was employed by the BBC.

In a statement to the press, a spokesperson for the BBC strongly denied the allegations:

Obviously we were aware he talked a bit funny but it is outrageous to suggest we would have allowed Savile to continue to work on television and be in close contact with impressionable young people if we had known he was in any way from Leeds.”

It has now emerged that in 1973 the controller of BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 asked his head of press to investigate “rumours” that Savile liked to secretly listen to brass band music in his dressing room during breaks in the recording of his shows instead of just having sex with vulnerable children as was customary for most BBC presenters at the time.


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