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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

There has been some criticism of Theresa May’s decision to appoint Lady Butler-Sloss as chair of the VIP paedophile inquiry.

Most of the criticism has centred around the fact Lady Butler-Sloss sits in the House of Lords and may have to criticise her fellow peers in the inquiry.

Personally, I think much more worrying is the little mentioned fact that Butler-Sloss will most certainly have to investigate a close member of her own family.

Her brother is former Tory MP and Attorney General Sir Michael Havers – who also happened to be one of the establishment figures alleged to have argued for the protection of the identities of VIPs accused of child abuse.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Just 4 days ago – before it was announced Butler-Sloss would head the inquiry – the pro-establishment Daily Mail had this to say about Havers:

Mail havers


But it was also Butler-Sloss’s brother Havers who – as Attorney General under Margaret Thatcher – defended the decision not to prosecute the VIP paedophile Sir Peter Hayman in 1981:

guardian- havers - hayman


And in 1983, Havers was accused by the Sun Newspaper of withholding information about a convicted paedophile’s membership of the Paedophile Information Exchange during his trial “to avoid embarrassing security chiefs”:

Havers the sun pie


Perhaps Butler-Sloss will have no qualms about investigating her own brother for being part of an establishment cover-up of child abuse by VIPs.

But just in case – perhaps it’s better that someone else is given the job of leading the investigation.


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