(not satire – it’s the Lib Dems!)

Two years ago, in 2012, leading Lib Dem Shirley Williams wrote a joint letter with Nick Clegg to assure fellow party members that the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill would not mean the end of an NHS which was free at the point of use.

In the letter, she promised her wavering Lib Dem colleagues that the NHS reforms would still guarantee:

…. a comprehensive health service financed by taxpayers, accessible to all and free at the point of need.

But just a year later – after the reforms had been securely passed into law – she was openly proposing introducing charges for NHS services like GP visits and prescriptions.

Here is what she wrote in an essay on the future of the NHS in July last year:

If you’re absolutely stuck for money, there might be a case for
at least considering a nominal charge for GP appointments.

The French I think charge something equivalent to
£5 per appointment. It might get people to value the service.

You could also have a nominal charge for prescriptions for older
people, with appropriate exemptions. An awful lot of people
do actually have quite substantial pensions in addition to the
state pension.

Sorry to have to break this to you Lib Dems.

But looks like your precious Shirley might have been lying to you.


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