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(not satire – it’s the Daily Telegraph!)

Meet Laura Donnelly – the Daily and Sunday Telegraph’s Health Correspondent.


Donnelly was responsible for the Telegraph’s appalling article today trying to blame the NHS for the tragic death of a baby from contaminated drips when it was in fact a private company which was responsible:

Daily Telegraph uses death of baby and outright lies to smear NHS

In fact, Donnelly seems to be on a one-woman campaign to smear the NHS.

Nothing of course to do with her “news“paper’s long term support of the selling off of the NHS to private companies.

Here for example are just a few of Laura’s recent health ‘articles‘ in the Telegraph:

NHS hospital pays finance chief rates of £600,000 a year

NHS breaks promise after staff tortured disabled at Winterbourne View

If NHS were an airline, planes would always be crashing, warns Mid Staffs inquiry chief

NHS chiefs received free travel and hotel stays

NHS chiefs’ expenses: top executives paid five times the basic rate for train tickets

NHS chiefs’ expenses: ‘astounding’ spending exposed

NHS needs ‘radical change’ in the wake of scandals

Rising numbers of hospital patients sent home in the midst of night

Doctor: ‘I warned scandal hospital years ago but was brushed off’

NHS faces £20m bill for sacked doctor Raj Mattu

Families angry surgeons still working for NHS despite deaths of five patients

NHS blunders put millions of records at risk

Thousands die of thirst and poor care in NHS


The number of anti-NHS articles written by Donnelly really is astounding. All of those articles above were penned by her in just the last month or so alone.

Where are all the articles by Connelly criticising the numerous scandals around private companies involved in healthcare?

Well, there aren’t any.

That’s because Donnelly is not a journalist.

She’s a paid propagandist.


This is my first article targeting individual journalists – instead of just the institutions themselves – for the sickeningly unprofessional political partisanship of the UK press. 

There will be more.


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