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The investigation into hundreds of flights which mysteriously disappeared mid-air on their way to the UK after taking off from Bulgaria and Romania over 3 months ago – has taken a dramatic turn after Daily Mail investigators suggested the missing aircraft could be in the same place as the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Daily Mail investigators are joining investigators in Malaysia in a bid by the newspaper to step up its search for the flights from Bulgaria and Romania – which vanished with more than 5,000,000 passengers on board after failing to arrive in the UK on January 1st – after the hunt was given new impetus by the recent mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370.

A spokesperson for the Daily Mail said:

This is exactly the same as what happened with all those missing planes from Bulgaria and Romania that were supposed to arrive here on January 1st. Not one of the huge numbers of planes carrying hundreds of thousands of passengers turned up on New year’s Day. And as professional journalists we can tell you with absolute certainty that the planes definitely took off from Eastern Europe and were on their way here when they just mysteriously disappeared. Maybe they were abducted by space aliens?

Experts have suggested several theories – ranging from the probable to the absurd – to explain what may have happened to the missing Bulgarian and Romanian planes.

One of the most outlandish conspiracy theories circulating on the internet is that the flights never actually existed and were simply invented by a supposedly respectable and professional mainstream newspaper in order to help generate votes for their mates sitting in an increasingly unpopular government.


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