I’m sure most people are as concerned as I am at the serious damage which has been done to the Lib Dems’ image – particularly in the eyes of women voters – after the recent allegations of sexual harassment by senior members of the party.

I think what’s needed to help the Lib Dems out with their image problem is a concerted PR campaign to make them look more attractive to female voters.

So here’s my contribution to it:

The OFFICIAL 2014 SIZZLING Lib Dem lovelies calendar

lib dems calendar 1

DON’T DESPAIR about the gloomy start to 2014!

Beat the austerity blues with the help of these saucy snaps galore – as 12 GORGEOUS Lib Dems show off their LUCKY CHARMS for our stunning OFFICIAL 2014 SIZZLING Lib Dem lovelies calendar:

mike hancock page 3chris rennard page 3a

Danny Alexander page 3

Tim Farron page 3

simon hughes page 3

Ming Campbell page 3

cyril smith page 3


nick clegg page 3

vince cable page 3

paddy ashdown page 3

ed davey page 3

Get your OFFICIAL 2014 SIZZLING, SAUCY Lib Dem lovelies calendar NOW

Featuring hapless images of: Danny, Nick, Chris, Tim and more!



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