(not satire – it’s Andrew Neil!)

One of the so-called big guns being dragged out in the media recently to spread doubt on climate change is the BBC’s Andrew Neil.

The presenter has been criticised heavily for being openly biased against scientific evidence of global climate change – despite obviously being so ignorant about the science he doesn’t even understand the difference between ‘climate‘ and ‘weather‘:

andrew neil climate vs weather


But this is not the first time Neil’s been a bit confused about science.

Way back in 1996 Neil actually believed that AIDS was not caused by HIV infection and that heterosexuals couldn’t catch AIDS through heterosexual sex.

Here are some direct quotes from Neil on HIV infection and AIDS which are taken from an article he wrote in 1996 in the Sunday Times called “The Great AIDS Myth“:

The fact is that the number of people who have caught Aids through normal vaginal sex is infinitesimal.

There are two overwhelming ways in which Aids is transmitted: one is to stick an infected needle in your skin; the other is to stick a penis into an anus.

The Aids lobby spent millions on advertising campaigns telling young, white, affluent middle-class heterosexuals – a category at almost no risk at all – that they were in just as much danger as anybody else.

The heterosexual epidemic never materialised.”


Obviously, since Neil wrote that piece, we have now learned about the devastating consequences of the AIDS epidemic in Africa – where it overwhelmingly affects heterosexuals.

So please don’t be too hard on Andrew.

Science is clearly not one of his strong points.


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