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(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

The Guardian supported the Liberal Democrats at the last general election.

And today we saw another example of the Guardian’s pro-Lib Dem bias.

In a breathtaking example of factual manipulation, the Guardian’s headline in their popular online version today was this:

guardian lib dems

Of course, if someone didn’t just glance at the headline but actually went so far as to read the article, they would discover that in fact only 2 Lib Dem MPs out of 56 voted against the bedroom tax.

Which surely means the headline should have been “Lib Dem MPs SUPPORT bedroom tax“.

Which also surely means the Guardian’s headline was …. oh what is that technical word journalists use for this?

Oh, yes, I remember now.



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PS – the Guardian’s Political Editor, Patrick Wintour, who wrote the Guardian piece, explained his bizarre headline on Twitter by saying he was “not really a headline person”:

guardian lib dem lie


You can also see Patrick continuing his (unconvincing) defence in the comments below.