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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Out of all the many blunders committed by the government so far in its response to the devastating flooding, surely forgetting to apply for cash for the flood victims from the EU’s Solidarity Fund has got to be the biggest.

In 2007, the UK received £127m from the EU to help flood victims after the devastating flooding during the summer. But this time the government hasn’t even applied for the money.

EU governments have 10 weeks to apply for the cash – which means it’s already too late to claim for money to help the first victims of the flooding, some of whom were affected as far back as last November.

Of course, some very, very cynical people might say the government hasn’t forgotten to claim the money at all – Cameron just decided it wouldn’t be politically comfortable to be seen to be getting help from the EU at a time he’s trying to demonise the organisation in order to placate his rabidly anti-EU right-wing.

But we’re not that cynical. Are we?


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