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(not satire – it’s ConDemNation today!)

I certainly don’t want to be seen as a cheer leader for New Labour – but downright government lies and spin are something I can’t ignore.

Cameron has tried to blame the recent floods on the last Labour administration.

However the figures are very clear – so clear in fact I’m surprised few people in the mainstream press have put them together.

In the 4 years until 2010, government spending on flood defences under Labour rose by 33%.

In the 4 years until now, government spending on flood defences under the coalition has been cut by 27%.

The comparisons can be found in greater detail here:

Flood defence budget cuts: who’s spinning what?

Of course the government could always argue they couldn’t predict the present flooding.

Only one problem with that line of argument.

A rather senior member of the government did predict them way back in 2008 – a certain Mr D. Cameron in fact:

“Most people accept that, with climate change, floods are likely to be more frequent.”

Get out of that one Mr Cameron.


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