(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

One of the UK’s biggest suppliers of building materials – Jewson – has been accused of raising the price of its sandbags to profit from the recent flooding.

A Jewson customer – Christopher John – tweeted yesterday that staff at a branch in Egham were blaming their head office for the price rise:

jewson sand bags

Several of my own requests to Jewson to either confirm or deny the accusations have been studiously ignored.

Instead, the company released this meaningless press release in response:

Jewson raises price of sand


If they don’t get their heads out of the sand soon and tackle these accusations – Jewson could be facing a storm of their own. One that could end in a damaging boycott by angry customers of their shops once the flooding crisis is over.

What have we become in this country – where so many people are so ready to profit from other people’s misery?


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