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(not satire – unfortunately)

There is a disturbing detail not often mentioned related to the horrific case of prison officer Neville Husband who police now say abused more than 200 children in his ‘care’.

Husband tied up little boys, tortured them and repeatedly raped them. Police now say this happened on a ‘daily basis’.

Husband was finally imprisoned for the horrific abuse – but for some reason governments of every political shade fought compensation claims by the victims for years through every court they could. And when a few of the victims finally did receive some money in compensation – they discovered most of it had been eaten up by their legal fees which were not covered by the settlement.

None of the victims have been offered counselling or psychiatric help.

In fact they haven’t even received an official apology.

Because when Stephen Byers, the local MP for one of the victims, wrote to Jack Straw – the then Home Secretary – asking for a public apology, Straw replied:

The terms of the agreement did not include an apology.

I see that Mr Straw today claimed that Britain is a ‘Christian country’ with Christian values.

Except when it comes to victims of institutional child abuse it seems.


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