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(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Here’s what Mark Harper – the Tory immigration minister who has just resigned for employing an illegal immigrant as a cleaner – said in parliament just last November about ‘unscrupulous’ employers who employ illegal immigrants:

“There is some agreement about the need to crack down on unscrupulous employers. One is their exploitation of individuals in the United Kingdom; another is that by treating individuals in the way they do they undercut legitimate employers who obey the law and follow the rules. That is wrong. Unscrupulous employers also help to facilitate one type of illegal migration, in which individuals are, frankly, duped into coming to the United Kingdom with the promise of a better life only to end up working in unsatisfactory conditions and not receiving a good income, and so would have been better off if they had never made the journey here. That type of path, which sometimes also involves organised crime, is something that we all want to crack down on. 

Enforcement is welcome. It will make it more difficult for unscrupulous employers to employ people illegally and improve the position of those who choose to follow our laws and not exploit people, because they will not face unfair competition.”


Now we know how Harper knew so much about unscrupulous employers. He was talking about himself.


Perhaps we should have looked at those illegal immigrant ‘go home’ vans – so beloved of Mark Harper – more closely:

mark illegal cleaner


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