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(no – not satire)

This is interesting.

Back in 2000, Lord McAlpine wrote a book about how to manipulate people in politics.

It was called ‘The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business – a guide on how to succeed in modern politics

The most interesting part is Lord McAlpine’s advice on dealing with the media.

Here’s a direct quote from him on that:

Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.

I’m not suggesting that Lord McAlpine has been taking his own advice on how to deal with the media – not least because that might end up with me receiving a court writ from his lawyers.

And that’s precisely the point – to shut up all talk about child abuse by top politicians. Isn’t it?


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