The Guardian newspaper has removed a letter from over 100 prominent left-wing Jews – including Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and the actor Ed Asner – in support of Labour MP Chris Williamson against accusations of antisemitism:

This is apparently after a complaint from the anti-Corbyn and rather more right-wing Board of Deputies of British Jews.

This is simply censorship of Jewish voices on the left.

Therefore, in the name of openness and balance, here is the letter and the signatories reproduced in full. Please share:

Guardian Letter 9th July 2019

Jewish Statement: Reinstate Chris Williamson

We the undersigned, all Jews, are writing in support of Chris Williamson and to register our dismay at the recent letter organised by Tom Watson, and signed by parliamentary Labour party and House of Lords members, calling for his suspension.

Chris Williamson did not say that the party had been “too apologetic about antisemitism”, as has been widely misreported. He correctly stated that the Labour party has done more than any other party to combat the scourge of antisemitism and that, therefore, its stance should be less apologetic. Such attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters aim to undermine not only the Labour party’s leadership but also all pro-Palestinian members.

The mass media have ignored the huge support for Chris both within and beyond the Labour party. Support that includes many Jews. The party needs people like him, with the energy and determination to fight for social justice. As anti-racist Jews, we regard Chris as our ally: he stands as we do with the oppressed rather than the oppressor. It should also be noted that he has a longer record of campaigning against racism and fascism than most of his detractors.

The Chakrabarti report recommended that the party’s disciplinary procedures respect due process, favour education over expulsion and promote a culture of free speech, yet this has been abandoned in practice. We ask the Labour party to reinstate Chris Williamson and cease persecuting such members on false allegations of antisemitism.

Noam Chomsky MIT, Norman Finkelstein Lecturer and writer, Ed Asner Actor, Prof Richard Falk Princeton University, Leah Lavene, Jenny Manson Jewish Voice for Labour and more than 100 others.

Full list of signatories below :

Avigail Abarbanel Pyschotherapist
Jeannet Ablestern
Steve Allen Labour International
Ruth Appleton Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Edward Asner Actor
Claude Baesens Warrington and Leamington CLP
Rebekah Ball Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Daphna Baram Journalist, Translator, Comedian
Ronnie Barkan Israeli dissident
Graham Bash South Thanet CLP-Jewish Voice for Labour
Medea Benjamin CODEPINK
Shereen Benjamin Edinburgh Eastern CLP
Daniel Bennett Bristol West CLP/Barrister
Katherine Kohler Jews against the Occupation
Judith Berlowitz Bay Area Women in Black ,California
Frances Bernstein North Leeds CLP
Rica Bird Jewish Voice for Labour. Wirral South. Retired
Robert Brady Hounslow & Isleworth CLP
Jan Brown Doctor
Hagit Borer Professor, Queen Mary University
Haim Bresheeth Jewish Network for Palestine and Horsey and Wood Green CLP
David Cannon Jewish Network for Palestine/Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Ofer Cassif
Member of the Knesset (the Parliament of Israel), the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality
Jon Cohen Special Education teacher
Howard Cohen Teacher and translater
Michael Cohen Labour International
Robert Cohen Jewish Network for Palestine steering group
Noam Chomsky Professor, MIT
Mike Cushman Chair: Free Speech on Israel
Miriam David HWG CLP and Professor Sussex University
Judith Deutsch Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Edward Earl Orpington CLP
Sally Rebecca Eason Labour Left Voice
Richard Falk Professor of International Law, emeritus, Princeton University
Pia Feig Jews for Justice for Palestinians; Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Andrew Feinstein Holborn & St.Pancras CLP
Norman Finkelstein Writer, Lecturer
Sylvia Finzi Artist
Nick Foster Bristol West CLP
Paul Foster Basildon CLP
Carolyn Gelenter Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Sam Gindin Retired
Sheila Goldmacher Jewish Voice for Peace
Harvey Goldstein University of Bristol
Angelika Golz Psychotherapist
John Goodman Rugby CLP
Stuart Goodman Norwich South CLP
Michael Gottlieb Actor
Alice Gray Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Elleanne Green Human rights activist
Tony Greenstein Vice President Brighton Trades Council
Judith Haiven Independent Jewish Voices, Canada
Paul Halas Stroud CLP
Ruth Hall Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Jeff Halper Professor, Human rights activist
Vikki Harper Newark CLP/Jewish Voice for Labour
Kevin Harrison South Suffolk CLP
Mike Hart Retired
Rebekah Hirsch Waltham Forest CLP
Abby Hoffmann Norwich South CLP/Jewish Voice for Labour
Alexander Jamal Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Selma James International Jewish Anti,Zionist Network
Ken Jarmin Waveney CLP
Riva Joffe Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Michael Kalmanovitz International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
Matt Kennard Author and Journalist
Peter Kennard Artist and Professor of Political Art, RCA
Ehud Kaufman Israel Tel Aviv
Rodney Kreizman Wimbledon CLP:Merton NEU Vice Chair
Jacqueline Klemes Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Agnes Kory Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Richard Kuper Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Andrew Kuttner East Hampshire CLP
Antony Lerman Senior Fellow, Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue
Michael Lesher Author, poet, journalist and Orthodox Jew, New Jersey USA
Michael Letwin Jews for Palestinian Right of Return/Attorney
Leah Levane Co-Chair Jewish Voice for Labour
Les Levidow Academic Researcher
Renato Loeffle Bristol CLP
Dorothy Macedo Worthing West CLP
Moshé Machover Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Deborah Maccaby Jewish Voice for Labour
Jenny Manson Co,Chair Jewish Voice for Labour
Helen Marks Jewish Voice for Labour
Michele McAvoy Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland
Rita Mendelson Newcastle Central CLP
Nancy Mendoza Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
Lynn Ruth Miller Performer
David Mond Warwick University & Justice for Palestinians
Igi Moon Holborn CLP
Shosh Morris Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Mica Nava Professor UEL/ Islington North CLP
Marlene Newesri Justice Activist
Ephraim Nimni Queen’s University, Belfast
Earl Okin Self,employed musician
Ruth Pearson Norwich South CLP/JEWISH VOICE FOR LABOUR
Yaar Peretz Jewish Voice for Peace, San Francisco
Karen Platt PhD student
Vivienne Porzsolt Jews against the Occupation Sydney
Rueben Ramsey Hastings and Rye CLP
Marion Roberts Camberwell & Peckham CLP
Leon Rosselon Songwriter
Herman Rosenfeld Socialist Project
Lilian Rosengarte Refugee from Nazi Germany, writer
Jo Rostron Holborn & St Pancras CLP
John Rubinstein Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
Alexei Sayle Writer/Comedian
Amanda Sebestyen Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Glyn Secker Jewish Voice for Labour
Jenny Secretan Newcastle Central CLP
Joss Sheldon Author
Sid Shniad Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Janet Sillett Norwich South CLP
Pamela Singer Forest of Dean CLP
Ruth Tenne Hampstead &Kilburn CLP
Tessa van Gelderen Brent Central CLP
Jackie Walker Jewish Voice for Labour/ Jews For Justice for Palestinians
Sam Weinstein Hamstead and Kilburn CLP
Suzanne Weiss Holocaust Survivor
Ivan Wels Nottingham East CLP/National Education Union
Rachel West Community organiser
Meredith Wood-Bevan Swansea West CLP
Martyn Wood-Bevan Swansea West CLP
Rosy Wood-Bevan Swansea West CLP