UPDATE: The trust has suspended its attempt to make NHS patients pay. Thanks to you – everyone who shared. But NO THANKS to the handful of idiots who dismissed it as fake news. It was not fake. It was an attempt to make NHS patients (not foreigners, not private patients, you) pay for essential ops (not just cosmetic ops) such as cataracts, hip replacements etc. We have to keep watching them. They WILL try again.

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Please don’t say you weren’t warned.

Because you’ve been warned time and time and time again the Tories are stealthily privatising the NHS.

This doesn’t mean just handing over hospitals and NHS services to private firms.

It means stealthily introducing actual charges to NHS patients at point of need.

This is all totally ignored by the mainstream press of course.

NHS trusts are now so confident they’ll get away with it, they are openly publishing the very first price lists since the formation of the NHS – for NHS operations, NHS procedures and NHS consultations (see here):

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