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(not satire – it’s the coalition government!)

It’s a clever trick.

First of all you refuse to renew the visas of working immigrants who are here completely legally. Then you declare them illegal and deport them. And finally you boast about how you’re reducing ‘illegal’ immigration.

Here’s an example of the con trick in action.

An Australian child psychotherapist called Harley Miller – a legal migrant who has worked in the NHS for 9 years – is about to be deported as an ‘illegal’ immigrant:

Immigrant stories: The psychotherapist and the letter of proof

Devious stuff.

But Cameron and Clegg’s con trick is even more devious than that.

A recent study shows 11% of NHS staff and over a quarter of NHS doctors are from overseas.

By deporting NHS workers, it creates staff shortages, longer queues and a much more inefficient NHS – thereby making it easier for the coalition government to sell off the NHS to ‘more efficient’ private healthcare companies

So Cameron and Clegg get to look like they’re reducing immigration while simultaneously helping to sell off the NHS.

It’s the perfect confidence trick that even professional hustlers would be proud of.

And everyone seems to have fallen for it.

Have you?


You can sign a petition to stop the deportation of Harley Miller here:

Allow Mariam Harley Miller to stay in the UK


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