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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The coalition government is so desperate to show it has reduced immigration before the next election, it’s now taken to deporting NHS workers, psychotherapists, chemical engineers and dads with cancer.

Cameron’s nanny, however, stays.

Ralph Marx is a chemical engineer. He lived in the UK for 13 years with his British (former Royal Navy chief petty officer) wife and their 10-year-old daughter Alexandra.

Then in 2012 he was refused residency by the Home Office. He was told it was because he had been diagnosed with cancer.

He was deported and is now separated from his wife and daughter:

Dad deported from Britain because his cancer treatment was too expensive

Mr Marx had private health cover but – of course – private insurance companies won’t pay up for life-threatening conditions such as cancer.

Alexandra’s dad was considered to be a burden on society.

But a civilised country doesn’t just measure everything in terms of financial cost.

It measures things in terms of humanity, family, society and compassion.

And by those measurements – the UK is clearly no longer a civilised country.


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