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(It’s not satire – it’s Donald Trump!)

Some people are just too easy to satirise, because they do it all by themselves so much better. Donald Trump is a perfect example.

Trump, with his ridiculous hair, massive ego and outrageously enlarged sense of entitlement, is so obviously ripe for satire that it hardly seems worth doing.

Remember how Trump first got permission to build his golf course in Scotland riding roughshod over objections that it would be destroying an area of outstanding Scottish beauty? And then how he went on to object himself to a wind farm project near the same golf course because ……. it would be destroying an area of outstanding Scottish beauty?

Just look at the words Trump has used himself to describe wind turbines:

“ugly monstrosity”  

“useless eyesore”

“horrendous looking and noisy”

And now take a look at a picture of him:

Shameless hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness of that kind is hard to satirise.

I don’t like Donald Trump. I never have. To me, he’s not just an annoying rich kid, another talentless, overhyped reality TV show star. He’s the perfect example of a society based on plutocracy – where the simple fact of being rich gives someone the right to be in charge – rather than a society where everyone has equal rights and success is based on merit.

It annoys me immensely that someone who managed to make millions by being born into millions is held up by so many people to be such an expert on business acumen.

FFS, he’s the only business person in history who has actually managed to LOSE money owning a casino. Three times.

Because Donald Trump owes all of his success to the fact that he possessed just one important quality – the one thing a business person really needs to succeed in today’s cut-throat business environment.

A rich dad.


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