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Scottish Conservatives have shown their support for minorities in Scotland by electing as their leader a woman who is openly a Tory.

Openly right-wing Ruth Davidson, has been elected leader of the Scottish Conservatives after the membership rejected her leading rival’s radical proposals to hide the fact they were Conservatives by creating a new party without the word Conservative in the title.

In her acceptance speech as leader, Ms Davidson said:

We have to stand up for oppressed minorities in Scotland. Being a Tory may be unpopular here and we often suffer extreme discrimination but we shouldn’t be afraid to show the electorate who we really are, even if it means no-one votes for us.

Officials in London believe that Davidson, who is not only openly a Tory but is also a lesbian and was the youngest of the four candidates for the leadership, will be able to freshen up Tories’ faltering appeal to Scottish voters who are extremely prejudiced against anyone seen to be right-wing.

A former Territorial Army officer and kick-boxer, Davidson campaigned vigorously against her main rival’s dramatic proposals to scrap the Conservative party completely and replace it with a new “progressive” organisation which would pretend to be independent of David Cameron’s English Tories and hide the fact they were right-wing. She said:

It may be shocking to some but I’m a Tory and I’m proud of it. Some people say it may be a long time before Scottish voters are able to accept a Tory as their leader, if ever, but hard as it may be for some to believe, Tories are people too. I am sure there are plenty of hidden Tories in Scotland and I’m here to say to them – don’t be afraid to come out of the closet and be proud of what you are. Even if no-one likes you. And you end up without any friends.


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