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Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has rejected criticism that his party doesn’t understand the anger of the protesters camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral saying his party fully understands and supports their call for a wholesale reform of the ‘broken camping system’ :

Some people are saying the Labour leadership are out of touch and don’t understand the anger many people are feeling at this time of hardship. But this is untrue. We understand very well the problems people are facing when it comes to the rising costs of camping and lack of opportunities for young people when trying to find places to pitch their tents. We intend to push the government to clamp down on the irresponsible behaviour of many top campers and I can assure the protesters that a corner stone of our party’s policy will be to introduce more regulation of the camping sector as well as making tents more affordable to 99% of the population.

The Labour leader has until now made no comment on the protests, and his intervention will be regarded as a risky manoeuvre designed to hit home the theme of his party conference speech of a need to rid the country of “irresponsible, predatory camping”.

The Archbishop of York also tried to deflect criticism that the church has not gone far enough in criticising excessive salaries of top camping executives by pointing out that as soon as the cathedral realised St Paul was actually the patron saint of tent makers, they decided to call off the eviction of the protesters.


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