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(not satire – it’s Cameron’s Britain!)

The conservative government has not been clamping down on benefit fraud.

Theresa May and her ministers have been attacking genuinely sick and disabled people instead.

There are now numerous cases of terminally sick cancer patients being told by the DWP they are unable to receive sickness benefit and will have to work or starve because they are supposedly ‘fit for work’.

We also have parents of child cancer patients having to rely on food banks because the Conservative government decided being a carer means you will get no help from our increasingly non-existent welfare state:

Tory Britain: 7-year old cancer patients on foodbank handouts

Another example of a victim of the coalition government’s slashing of help and support for the sick, disabled and dying was Chris Smith, a plumber from Leicester with terminal cancer who sadly died recently:

Fit for work?

The fact is, that under the Conservatives, help for the sick and disabled in the UK has now effectively disappeared and the welfare state – in England and Wales at least – has already gone.

It’s time to stand up for the sick and vulnerable – or hope you or nobody in your family becomes sick or disabled.

Because unless you’re rich – you’ll be on your own.

Here’s more proof that sick people – even cancer patients – are now regarded as malingerers:

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