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(not satire – it’s Cameron’s Britain!)

There was good news today after bad local publicity pushed the DWP to reinstate 7-year old leukaemia patient Tommi Miller’s disability payments – ending months of his having to rely on foodbank handouts to survive:

Cancer sufferer Tommi, 7, had benefits stopped forcing parents to use foodbanks

Just before the good news was announced, however, staff from the local job centre – which was responsible for the decision to starve Tommi – destroyed a sign by protestors publicising Tommi’s plight:

Banner supporting Tommi Miller’s family torn down by Job Centre security staff

This is the reality of Cameron’s Britain today – news about starving 7-year-old cancer patients goes largely unreported while tax-evading billionaires telling us who we should vote for is splashed all over the front pages.

And remember.

At the peak of austerity, Cameron gave the UK’s 300,000 richest households a tax cut.


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