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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A letter from a desperate mother:

Trish Lewis Walton

My son was diagnosed with testicular cancer on 28th nov so he couldn’t go for an jobseekers appointment on 4th dec. He rang them and explained why he couldn’t go and they still sanctioned him. He had his op on 12th dec to have cancer removed and a further ct scan on 17th dec revealed the cancer has now spread to his lymph nodes in chest and stomach and both of his lungs so he was immediately admitted to hosp to start intensive chemo. A social worker from click sargeant rang them and explained he would not be signing on because of this and they are still refusing to give him any money. He’s had nothing since around 23rd nov. Apart from a horrible xmas, he has now filled in forms for esa which haven’t even been received yet into their office so he’s still gonna have no money. Can anyone recommend what he does now as we have been on the phone and got nowhere with them, they just aren’t interested. David Cameron has screwed this country over good and proper.


What we are experiencing is no less than the end of the welfare state in Britain.

Do not get sick or old. Unless you’re rich obviously.


With thanks to Sue Fairweather and The People Vs The Government, DWP and Atos for the heads up on this.


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