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(satire – probably)

There was anger today after former Tory Party leader Margaret Thatcher was accused of trying to bury a report by accountancy firm BDO LLP which showed that Britain’s economy will struggle to gather momentum until the second half of the year – by dying.

Suspicions were stoked by the timing of Lady Thatcher’s death which came on the same day the BDO LLP survey was published confirming the prospects for the UK were not improving even as business sentiment and hiring intentions improve.

However, a spokesperson for the Conservatives denied Mrs Thatcher’s death was in any way connected to the bad economic news:

I can categorically confirm that Baroness Thatcher’s death was not timed to coincide with this report – because let’s face it if every time we got bad economic news one of us had to pop off, there wouldn’t be many of us left in the Tory Party, would there?


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