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(not satire – it’s the newly privatised NHS!)

Erm, is it only me that’s noticed the NHS budget has been handed over to a quack?

Dr Michael Dixon represents many of the 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups that last week took control of £65bn of health spending.

He is now being referred to as GP’s leader in the mainstream press and is already talking about closing NHS hospitals and handing over services to private GP consortiums.

So how come nobody seems to have noticed that Dr Dixon is the same Dr Dixon from the discredited Prince Charles’ quackery lobby group, the Foundation for Integrated Health – the lobbying group behind a lot of propaganda trying to push alternative medicines such as Thought Field Therapy and Frequencies of Brilliance into the NHS, so that private quacks individuals can get their hands on public money?

But don’t just take my word for Dr Dixon’s pushing of quackery in the NHS.

Here’s a profile of Dr Dixon from www.quackometer.net:

The Graceless Dr Michael Dixon OBE

Now I’m not trying to start a debate here on the pros and cons of alternative medicine. But can someone please tell how on earth such huge amounts of NHS money got put into the hands of such a controversial person without anyone noticing?

I think many years ago this is what would have been referred to in the mainstream press as a good old-fashioned ‘scandal’.

Don’t you?


Legal Note: Dr Dixon – please don’t embarrass yourself by using the public money you’ve just got your hands on to pay an expensive lawyer to send me one of those threatening libel notices people like you are so keen on throwing around. I’ll only ignore it. OK?


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