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(Not satire. Or is it? I don’t know any more.)

The right-wing press has been getting its collective knickers in a twist recently over the large numbers of British people wanting to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher  – and they’ve decided to focus on one person in particular  – namely one Romany Blythe who set up a Facebook page called The Witch Is Dead Party.

And what angle have the right-wing press taken to express their outrage?

That Romany apparently admits to once having had a boob job.

I promise you this is not satire, here’s the Daily Mail’s bizarre article from today:

Drama teacher who organised Thatcher death parties reveals she had NHS breast implants

I am outraged.

Because the original idea behind this blog was to juxtapose real political stories with satirical ones in order to highlight just how ridiculous most UK politics and the coverage of it by the mainstream press can be.

But I ask you – how on Earth am I supposed to compete with genius self-satirisation like that?


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