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(satire – I think)

Lawyers for Lord McAlpine are preparing to send writs for libel to all of the 9,990,000 UK Twitter users who didn’t mistakenly name him or identify him as a paedophile.

In a statement, McAlpine’s lawyer Andrew Reid, of the firm RMPI said he would be seeking damages from those who had not defamed his client on Twitter:

I think most importantly we get an apology and an undertaking from all the Tweeters who didn’t mention my client never to not repeat the allegations they didn’t mention and once we’ve examined the extent of the damage they haven’t done, we’ll agree suitable damages.

The move comes just weeks after Lord McAlpine successfully sued the BBC and ITV for over a quarter of a million pounds for also not naming him as a paedophile but decided against sueing North Wales Police – who did.


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