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Spin doctor to the stars Max Clifford – before he himself was arrested – made a good stab at putting a spin on allegations of paedophilia against his clients, as might be expected from a media spin master such as he.

His argument was that young men who were working in a factory or on the dole at one moment and the next had women trying to break down their dressing room door or throwing themselves at them at every turn of a corner couldn’t be expected to check the passport of every woman or girl they had sex with.

He’s very clever our Max. I expect there was plenty of surreptitious head-nodding from men across the country at that.

Well I don’t buy it.

In fact, if you think about it, Max actually managed to defeat his own argument.

Because if these guys had all kinds of gorgeous women throwing themselves at them all the time, why would they choose the ones who were so young-looking they could have been under-age to have sex with?

After all in show business you’re constantly surrounded by good looking people of all ages – from the other stars, models and dancers you work with and socialise with right down to the beautiful people who inevitably man (woman?) the reception desk at the expensive hotels you stay at.

When asked why pop stars always seem to go out with models, Simon Le Bon once famously answered “because they can” which of course is the correct answer.

Let’s remember. Most pop stars and famous people – politicians too – would never consider having sex with someone who looks under-age.

So let’s put a stop to this fast spinning we’re starting to see over the growing scandal of paedophilia by the rich, the powerful and the famous once and for all.

Having sex with a minor is a heinous crime and the guilty deserve all the punishment they get.

Our children deserve nothing less.


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