The government has announced its new high speed rail link between London and Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds is to be severely delayed after the discovery a minister’s job was on the line.

Transport secretary Justine Greening, who has only been in the post for two months, told the House of Commons:

I want it to be as clear as possible that my decision to delay my decision was because it is essential I make the right decision in order to keep my job and that is why I have decided I need more time to make my decision in order to avoid making the wrong decision.

But in further signs of disruption to government services, David Cameron’s high level adviser on transport and industrial relations, Mr Jeremy Clarkson hit out at what he called the ‘selfish’ attitude of government ministers in causing delays to transport decisions:

I’m sympathetic to ministers having problems but I don’t think trains should stop just because there is someone’s job on the line. It is very selfish because the disruption it causes is immense. Change the minister, and get the trains moving as quickly as possible.

A spokesperson for commuters said they were in total agreement with Mr Clarkson’s suggested policy of running over government ministers should they be found on a line:

We’ve been given ridiculous excuses for years, such as the wrong kind of snow, leaves on the lines and other even crazier reasons so we’re not surprised the government has found yet another excuse to explain transport delays. I’m sure we’re speaking for most if not all commuters in saying that we would be more than happy for trains to run over any government minister if they found one on the line. Preferably at high speed. Several times if necessary just to make sure.


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