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In a surprise turnaround, David Cameron came out today in full support of striking public sector workers, especially if the striking is done with police truncheons.

In a statement, the Prime Minister said:

Anyone who knows me can vouch that I have always supported striking workers with implements of any kind, especially those in the public sector, and in fact I would be more than happy to join in the striking myself, if it meant I could personally wallop a couple of workers with abandon.

Mr Cameron went on to say he would be happy to see striking of workers become a normal part of the political landscape of modern Britain:

I’m actually looking forward to seeing as many strikes as possible and that’s why I’ve instructed the police to lay into anyone they feel like having a go at.

A spokesperson for the public sector unions said:

We’re not surprised the Prime Minister supports striking public sector workers. Tories love bashing anyone in a union. And he’s spent the last 2 years cutting, slashing and trying to destroy us. And now he’s got Osborne squeezing our members so hard it’s enough to make your eyes water. So f*** him.


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