In its campaign to rid the country of ‘disabled benefit scroungers‘ the Sun claimed a victory last night after it uncovered Pudsey the Bear, who claims to have visual impairment problems in one eye, was actually working one day a year.

In an undercover operation, the newspaper revealed the bear was raking in over 30 million a year working one day a year for a little-known organisation called ‘Children in Need’ while it claimed to be disabled.

After Sun readers were encouraged to help crack down on welfare crime in a campaign it says is endorsed by David Cameron, the newspaper revealed it had had a large number of calls to its ‘benefit cheats’ hotline after Sun readers noticed the cheating bear working on television last night.

In an editorial the Sun said:

Social security should be a safety net for those in need, not a ticket for grasping, lazy layabout bears leading a luxury lifestyle funded by you. The Sun is leading the charge to rid Britain of a generation of scrounging stuffed toys — and with your help we are starting to succeed.

In a statement thanking the Sun, David Cameron said:

Every year, a large amount of taxpayers money is stolen by benefit fraudsters like Pudsey the Bear. This bear has been wrongly taking money from other people, and I’d like to thank Sun readers for not tolerating the criminal actions of pilfering playthings like this.


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