This is Tory MP Victoria Atkins MP, the UK minister responsible for drugs policy:

Atkins strongly and totally opposes the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use and supports the government’s hard-line position that there is ‘no therapeutic value’ in cannabis.

For example, Ms Atkins spoke out forcefully against deregulation of cannabis in Parliament in July 2017:

“I declare an interest: I used to prosecute national-level drug barons. We are talking about gun-toting criminals, who think nothing of shooting each other and the people who carry their drugs for them. What on earth does my hon. Friend think their reaction will be to the idea of drugs being regulated? Does he really think that these awful people are suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens?”

On the other side of the argument, here is Paul Kenward – the CEO of British Sugar – which surprisingly has managed to obtain a licence from the British government to grow cannabis in the UK for medicinal use abroad:

So how on Earth did Mr Kenward manage to persuade Ms Atkins to allow his company to grow cannabis in the UK when she is so strongly opposed to it and so strongly convinced it has no therapeutic value?

It surely couldn’t be anything to do with the fact that they’re married?



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