Last October, a group of students from Oxford University Conservative Association were bussed in to Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s constituency in Hastings and Rye to campaign for her:

One of the six activists who went to campaign with Rudd, was one George Wright:

George is an office holder of the Oxford University Conservative Association:

…  who likes to give Nazi salutes, and post them on Facebook for a laugh:

All of this was reported by local anti-Tory activists in Hastings at the time, but surprise surprise, it was totally ignored by the mainstream press.

Just imagine if it was a Labour Home Secretary caught campaigning shoulder to shoulder with a nazi-saluting Labour party activist.

It would be mentioned constantly in the media from now until the next election and be on every front page and news bulletin from the BBC, the Daily Mail to Horse and Hounds.

We can’t rely on the mainstream press or professional journalists to do their job of holding our leaders to account, so we have to do it ourselves. Rudd is defending an ultra-thin majority of just 346 votes. So please share.


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