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may civil liberties

Before she was in power, Theresa May did a very good impersonation of someone who cared about civil liberties.

But like any good Tory – scratch the surface and May is a good old-fashioned authoritarian at heart.

In fact, since she became Home Secretary, May has been slowly turning Britain into a civil liberties free zone:

May to increase state surveillance powers with Snooper’s Charter

Theresa May censoring 1,000 pieces of information every week on the internet

Home Office to spend £1.8 billion on listening to our private phone calls

Secret Courts: accused may not know what crime they are accused of

Government ushers in ID cards through the back door

Human Rights Act to be scrapped

UK schools to be forced to hand over information on pupils

Government classifies non-violent activism as terrorism

Theresa May’s plans to vet TV programmes before broadcast

Ministers to be allowed to veto Freedom of Information requests

Theresa May condones detention of journalists under anti-terrorism act

Home Office threatens 7-year-old with deportation

Theresa May bars US investigative journalist from UK

Expect more of this now she’s PM.


PS. It would be nice if May could also explain why documents relating to VIP sex crimes are being kept secret from the public until as long as 2056:




But I won’t be holding my breath