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UPDATE: Boffey is now praising Michael Gove as a ‘big beast’ in the pages of the Guardian. Are there no limits?

(not satire – it’s the Guardian!)

The Observer has a naughty little article today claiming there are “at least” twenty shadow ministers calling for Ed Miliband to stand down.

I say naughty, because the article fails to name even one shadow minister.

And considering there are only about 24 shadow ministers in the entire shadow cabinet, “at least” 20 would have to be just about all of them. Including Ed Miliband himself.

In fact, the whole article is so ridiculous in its anti-Labour spin and propaganda, it’s exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to see in the Daily Mail.

Which is not very surprising considering the journalist who wrote the Observer piece – Daniel Boffey – used to write exactly the same kind of political smear articles for the Mail on Sunday:

Miliband and his £18m holiday villa

Fury over Gordon Brown’s ‘cynical’ letter to murder victim’s local paper

Jacqui Smith’s cleaner hasn’t had a pay rise for five years

Labour’s army of spin, G20 summit is ‘choreographed’ by private firm

We reveal explosive report Ed Balls refused to make public

So why is the Lib Dem Guardian/Observer employing a hack who has a history of writing anti-Labour articles for the Tory Mail?

Another example of the Lib Dem /Tory coalition in action perhaps?


PS. It seems to have escaped some people that my final line was written in Ironic Bold font. But just to clarify – no – I don’t believe there’s an open conspiracy between the Mail and the Guardian to discredit Ed Miliband. However, I do believe in shoddy journalism to make cheap partisan political points. And I do believe hacks of a feather like to scratch each other’s backs. But I have genuinely no idea whatsoever why the Guardian would want to employ a right-wing former Mail hack …..


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