(not satire – it’s the UK press)

In an extraordinary article today – the Guardian’s so-called ‘reader editor’ Stephen Pritchard admits the newspaper will delete any readers’ comments which “persistently” criticise its journalists.

Pritchard rounds off his extremely defensive piece with this extraordinary sentence:

….while we acknowledge criticism of the articles we publish, we will not allow persistent misrepresentation of our journalists.”

In other words, for “persistent misrepresentation” read “criticism“‘

Which at least explains why for several years now I have been banned (not pre-moderated – banned) from commenting on the Guardian website and my polite enquiries as to why I have been banned have been consistently ignored:

guardian commentsd

So now I know.

Because while I don’t use degrading, sexist or racist language, I do take a pretty persistent line in criticism of journalists from all mainstream newspapers- including the Guardian:

Guardian claims Lib Dem MPs opposed the bedroom tax when they supported it

Oops! Guardian accidentally gets a headline wrong about the Lib Dems. Again.

Why is the Observer employing a Mail journalist to smear Ed Miliband?

Daily Mail story about sunrises being shown on big screens in Beijing was made up

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Meet the Telegraph journalist on a one woman campaign to smear the NHS

etc etc etc

In fact in my experience – for people who like to dish it out regularly to everyone else – mainstream media journalists have extremely thin skins.

Just dare to question many mainstream media hacks and they are the most likely to jump up and down threatening libel at the drop of a hat.

By far the most threats of libel and attacks I have had have been not from politicians – who in my experience on the whole tend to take criticism with a pinch of salt – but from journalists:

Mail hack threatens to sue me for asking how she traced Twitter users’ personal information

A Daily Mail journalist is trolling my friends

On-line trolling is being tamed – but the Tabloid Trolls are still rampant


It seems hacks like to dish it out – but can’t take it back.


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