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(not satire – it’s Michael Gove!)

More trouble for Education Secretary Michael Gove.

An Academy school on the Isle of Wight run by a head who used to work in a prison is in meltdown today after it started pulling hundreds of pupils from classes and putting them in isolation for not having the “correct” uniform.

Young children are reported to be made to sit in isolation facing a wall with their arms parallel to a desk for hours at a time for having the wrong length of skirt or colour of hairband.

The head – Dr Rory Fox – is said to be on site “shouting at pupils” in isolation.

And parents are now apparently arriving at the school in droves to remove their children after pupils called them in tears at their treatment by Dr Fox.

Follow the full developing story here from local paper the Island Echo:


The Ryde Academy is operated by an organisation called Academies Enterprise Trust which has previously been under fire for financial irregularities.


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