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(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

It’s just been revealed that a convicted serial paedophile who drugged boys before sexually abusing them was allowed to work at one of the UK’s biggest private school chains.

Serial child abuser William Vahey taught at Southbank International School – a private school owned by a UK company called Cognita.

But according to the FBI, Vahey had already been jailed in California in 1969 for child molestation – a fact that Cognita failed to check before employing him in 2009.

This revelation comes after parents at the Southbank International School had previously accused private equity-owned Cognita of ‘milking profits’ from the school at the expense of the pupils.

And chillingly, in 1999, Southbank’s chair of governors and former chairman of Cognita Sir Chris Woodhead said teacher/pupil relationships could be experiential and educative on both sides“.

The scandal comes after Cognita’s director of education Geraint Jones also accused state sector education of being riddled with ‘inefficient culture’ which he said made him “sick”.

Well Geraint – unlike you – I think you’ll find inefficiency doesn’t make most parents feel sick.

But failing to check whether someone has been jailed for child abuse before employing him as a teacher in one of your schools might.


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