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Tesco has announced plans to open 40 new skips across the UK in a bid to break Iceland’s lead in the relatively new starving customers market.

The supermarket retailer announced Wednesday it will be adding another 40 new skips across the country, with most of the locations in deprived areas such as the north of England, Scotland and Wales.

The launch due in the first half of 2014 will see Britain’s biggest supermarket go head-to-head with other high street retailing giants as competition in the desperately malnourished sector widens.

The ambitious new expansion project also includes plans for the retailer to expand its own brands of out-of-date food staples as well as develop a wider range of rotting and putrid fresh grocery products to be thrown away.

Several new skips will open in Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester with expansion of existing skips at sites in other deprived areas.

The announcement comes just days after the CPS announced it was dropping plans to prosecute three men accused of stealing food from bins outside an Iceland store after Iceland CEO Malcolm Walker pointed out to them that people must be really really really desperate to steal food thrown away from one of his stores.


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